Dispute Resolution

Need to resolve a dispute?

Have questions about filing an ethics complaint? Want to know what the process is like?

Arbitrable Issues

Here are some examples of issues that can be decided by arbitration:

  • Contractual disputes between firms

  • Specific non-contractual disputes between firms

Before You File A Complaint

RACM is responsible for enforcing NAR’s Code of Ethics. Read more about the process in NAR’s brochure.

Here are some important things to know before filing an ethics complaint:

  • NAR’s code of ethics only applies to REALTORS® and REALTOR®-ASSOCIATES

  • Most issues stem from problems in communication. Before you file a complaint, speak to the real estate professional in question, or to a principal broker in the firm. Try to have an open, honest discussion to resolve your issue!

  • If this doesn’t work, contact RACM and attempt an informal dispute resolution, like mediation or ombudsman before filing a complaint.

Mediation/Ombudsman Program

Mediation/Ombudsman is a process in which people in dispute can use to reach agreement. With the help of an impartial mediator they work toward a mutually acceptable solution. REALTORS® have the ability to mediate otherwise – arbitrable disputes.

For further details contact Colleen Pappas at 508-832-6600 ext. 2 or via email at [email protected].

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