Real Estate Licensing

The REALTOR® Association of Central Massachusetts is proud to announce its partnership with Freedom Trail Realty School, Inc.

Freedom Trail Realty School, Inc. provides the live, real time instruction required under the Board of Registration’s regulations for online pre-licensing classes, as well as optional pre-recorded on-demand classes that students may take for a maximum of 19 hours of the 40 hour online pre-licensure course. Under Massachusetts regulations, all online pre-licensure courses must involve at least 21 hours of real-time, two way instruction provided by a state approved instructor.

Students may take our full online course in real time with a licensed instructor, or they may mix and match live and on demand content as best suits their schedule. Our custom built online course platform makes it easy for students to track and complete their state mandated course requirements, and enforces compliance with all relevant state licensing regulations and requirements promulgated by the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons.

New to real estate? Click the below button for more information on our Salesperson Pre-Licensure Courses.


Broker Pre-Licensure Course: Broker classes are for real estate agents with at least 3 years of work experience.  Need a flexible way to take the Massachusetts real estate broker’s course? We’ve got you covered! 

Massachusetts Board approved online classes: Our 40-hour course is broken down into short modules that you can work through whenever you have time for a class.  You don’t need to commit to a rigid schedule as you take the course, and can mix on demand and live streaming classes to complete your broker pre-licensing requirement.  Our course software will track everything for you automatically.  You will receive:

  • One year of course access
  • Alumni group access and networking
  • Massachusetts licensed instructors
  • Live support outside of class
  • Real Estate job board access
  • Test preparation and review