Looking to get involved?

Find out which committee is right for you!

We have a variety of committees; you’re sure to find one that interests you. So check them out and join one today!

Want to Engage the Community and Give Back?

Then the Community Action Committee might be right for you!

Working with the Community Action Committee lets you:

  • Plan and oversee the annual Back Pack Drive for needy children and the Winter Clothing drive
  • Choose the charity that the annual Golf Tournament supports, as well as planning the tournament

Want to help make REALTORS® aware of the legislation that affects their industry?

Then the Government Affairs Committee might be right for you!

If you work on the Government Affairs Committee, some of the thing you’ll be doing are:

  • Plan and execute the annual Day On The Hill, which helps members learn about key legislative issues at the Massachusetts State House
  • Plan and execute exciting events like the  annual legislative Breakfast and Major Donor Night
  • Brainstorm and implement fundraising ideas for RPAC
  • Network with and expand relationships between RACM members and state legislatiors
  • Apply for NAR grants

Want to help build relationships and provide opportunities for our members?

Then the Membership Committee might be right for you!

If you work on the Membership Committee, some of the things you’ll be doing are:

  • New Member Orientation Programs
  • Membership Event ( i.e. Awards Night, Annual Meeting, Affiliate Appreciation )
  • High School / College and REALTOR® Scholarships
  • Developing Local and State member benefits to supplement National Benefits

Want to help REALTORS® grow their professional skills?

Then the Professional Development Committee might be right for you!

On the Professional Development committee, you work on:

  • Using the newest technology to help members expand their business

  • Help members utilize the unique relationship between REALTORS® and Broker Owners and Office Managers

  • Evaluate and improve the training for CREST educators

Want to help provide opportunities to the Brokerage Community?

Then the Broker Owner Task Force might be right for you!

Activities Include:

  • Broker Power Series
  • Annual Keynote Speaker Event

Want to help uphold the NAR Ethics Code?

Then the Professional Standards Committee might be right for you!

If you work on the Professional Standards Committee, some of the thing you’ll be doing are:

  • Train to sit on the Hearing Panel that hears on ethical issues and arbitrations.

  • Train to review written requests for hearings

Want to help settle disputes via Mediation?

Then the Grievance Committee might be right for you!

The Grievance Committee works in conjunction with the Professional Standards Committee to review grievance complaints and settle disputes through mediation.