Looking to get involved?

Find out which committee is right for you!

We have a variety of committees; you’re sure to find one that interests you. So check them out and join one today!

Want to Engage the Community and Give Back?

Then the Community Action Committee might be right for you!

Working with the Community Action Committee allows you:

  • Select the year’s housing-related charities of choice
  • Plan and oversee the annual donation drives for those in need including but not limited to: Backpack and School Supply Drive, COVID-19 Supplies to Teachers Drive, Winter Hats/Mittens/Blankets Drive
  • Plan and fundraise for the Annual Golf Tournament that supports the selected charities of choice.

Want to help make REALTORS® aware of the legislation that affects their industry?

Then the Government Affairs Committee might be right for you!

If you work on the Government Affairs Committee, some of the thing you’ll be doing are:

  • Plan and execute the annual Day On The Hill, which helps members learn about key legislative issues at the Massachusetts State House
  • Plan and execute exciting events like the  annual Legislative Breakfast and Major Investor Night
  • Brainstorm and implement fundraising ideas for RPAC
  • Network with and expand relationships between RACM members and state legislators
  • Apply for NAR grants

Want to help build relationships and provide opportunities for our members?

Then the Member Engagement Committee might be right for you!

If you work on the Member Engagement Committee, some of the things you’ll be doing are:

  • New Member Orientation Programs
  • Plan and fundraise for Membership Events ( i.e. Awards Night, Annual Meeting, Affiliate Appreciation )
  • Developing Local and State member benefits to supplement National Benefits

Want to help REALTORS® grow their professional skills?

Then the Professional Development Committee might be right for you!

On the Professional Development committee, you will work on:

  • Using the newest technology to help members expand their business
  • Help members utilize the unique relationship between REALTORS® and Broker Owners and Office Managers
  • Evaluate and improve the training for C.R.E.S.T. educators

Want to help provide opportunities to the Brokerage Community?

Then the Broker Owner Task Force might be right for you!

Activities Include:

  • Broker Power Series
  • Annual Keynote Speaker Event

Attention:  All 2023 Committee Volunteer Positions have been chosen.  If you would like to volunteer in 2024, please stay tuned for Committee Volunteer Night in November 2023.

Interested in signing up for  Done in a Day volunteer activity?  Email [email protected].

Congratulations to the following 2023 Committee Volunteers!


Maribeth Lynch (C)
Jennifer Jones (VC)
Cynthia Walsh MacKenzie
Lorraine Herbert
Jeffrey Hall
Clifford Leinonen
Michael Barbera
Lauren Demerjian
Shawn Wyse
Anthony Khattar
Kelly Provost
Hejoma Garcia
Chris Whitten
Stephanie Bayliss
Melissa Lodi
Nicholas McNeil
Allen Greenman
Justine Snyder
Kimberly Rickman

Community Action

Trudy Risedorf (C)
Andrea Castinetti (VC)
Maria Smith
John Carney
Juliana Danquah
Ruta Convent
Jessica Barber
Dave Samara
Terri Grimes
Ann Marie Bartlett
Jessica Albino
Kelly Kemp
Bryan Davis
Patricia Kosiba
Timothy Lebel
Dustin Wirzburger
Danielle Lussier
Afaf Gerges
Ada Cimpeanu
Brian Fenlon

Ariane Dasilva
Zantia Seda
Lynne Esposito
Heather Pederson
Stacy Dobay
John Chase
Mati Alcantara
Melissa Monroe
Jeffrey Incutto
Juliana O’Brien
Sunday Comeau
Teresa Murnane
Danielle Seoane
Andy Osei
Katerina Disho
Cynthia Klocek
Nathalie Oliveri
Rocco Micciche
Allison Moore
Paula Reece
Salema DeSantis
Sharon Powell
Morgan Dzicek


Leif Rosseland (C)
Lee Joseph
Kathy McSweeney
Jeffrey Gibbs
Joseph Sama
Michael DeLuca
Konstantina Choros
Stephanie Bayliss
Patrick Kennedy
Nathan Stewart
Cherie Benoit

Government Affairs

Jason Pincomb (C)
Jonathan Boisjolie (VC)
Lisa Jacobs
James Brooks

Corina Wells
Elizabeth Cruz
Renee VanderZicht
Karynsue Marchione-Reilly
Elisha Lynch
Bruce Varner
Eva Kokosinska
Luis Torres
Nathan Stewart
John Millen
Matthew Kaestner
Lisa Gamberdella
Bruce Rawan
Jessica Hopkins
Meagan Mician
Cody Foster
Corinne Kimball
Michelle Barnes
Jenny Cote
Nicole Ethier
Sarah Schouler
Maria Navedo (SPC)
Brad Roberts (SPC)
Kathy McSweeney (SPC)
Tracey Fiorelli (SPC)
Sarah Gustafson (SPC)
Keith Krikorian (SPC)
Cherie Benoit (SPC)
Linda Laney (SPC)

Member Engagement

Larry Rettig (C)
Deanna Faucher (VC)
Colleen Crowley
Jennifer Holland
Stacey Dube
Rick Simoneau
Jeff Clark
Kyle Josephs
Christina Liberty
Stephanie Tremblay
Julia Connolly
Julie Leite

Cyndi Deshaies
Paul Hernandez
Krystal Holt
Tracy Burlingame

Professional Development

Matt McLaughlin (C)
Keith Krikorian (VC)
Olivia O’Toole
Sarah Gustafson
Rosa Wyse
Gail Mahoney
Rebecca Hart
Sebastian Bilentschuk
Claudia Bergstrom
Nicholas Lynch
Courtney Gatta
Richard Jenkins
Liz Puchala
Lynne Detarando Grden
Thomas Hampton
Tristan Bedinger
Lauren Ebstein
Drew Diggins
Erica Carbone
Sharon Powell


Kathy McSweeney (C)
Patricia Murray
Judy Patterson
Kris Koliss
Michael DeLuca
Erika Hall
Cherie Benoit

(C) – Chair
(VC) – Vice Chair
(SPC) – State Political Coordinator